March 12, 2016

At H.E.L.P. Organization we provide opportunities in training to equip and teach vital skills such as building greenhouses, farming with greenhouses, building sanitary toilets, sewing, and teaching teachers the proper and effective ways of teaching education in the schools, throughout the rural villages in Uttarakhand. Due to the mountainous ranges and drought, resources for agriculture and village development have been affected; therefore, through these varied training programs, the people in remote villages are given the opportunity to grow and develop new skills and effective techniques to better their lives and their families’ lives. H.E.L.P. Organization has begun constructing green houses for the villages in the mountains and informing the farmers of effective and proper techniques to supplying their communities and families with the harvest. In addition, H.E.L.P. provides instruction on operational, stable, and safe construction of toilets for maintaining proper sanitation to prevent diseases. In total H.E.L.P. Organization has constructed seven greenhouses thus far and will continue building more each year to better assist the farmers in their efforts to provide for their families. In addition, we have built a total of 20 toilets throughout the villages of Sainji, Jordi, and the surrounding villages. Himalayan Education Literacy Program will continue to train the men, women, and children in these remote areas for the betterment of their futures and the next generations to grow India into a more prosperous nation.

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The self-reliance and autonomy of women by enhancing their productivity and enabling them to take up income generation activities. We provide training to skill the poor  women in the traditional sector, agriculture, animal husbandry, dairying,  tailoring , handicrafts and  social forestry and wasteland development. We train village women for their living. In mountain areas their life is very limited and they don’t have other income for resources.