January 16, 2021

We are also giving a facility of boarding to the school students. First time we felt the requirement for a boarding school, as it is not possible to start schools in every village due to the small size of mountain villages. We first felt the requirement for a boarding school when the villagers came from such a long distance to the village to get an admission for their children in our school . Practically it was very tough to walk everyday from that much distance, so finally we took a decision of starting a boarding facility along with the school.



Currently We have 8 students in Sainji School’s hostel.

Now we have more accommodation for more needy children those who has passion for study but they don’t have that much resource. We encourage that kind of student to come and take benefit for their better education. We charge fee but nominally. We devided in two installment, 1st Installment during the admission and 2nd installment after 6 month of admission.

We Provied following things during the hostel:

  • Food, Veg/Non Veg.
  • Cloths for needy
  • School’s Books
  • Stationary
  • Uniform
  • Medical till Rs. 2000/-
  • Bedding
  • laundry

We help following things to the student after 8th grade, those children who gradguate from HELP International School:

  • Schoolarship- Monthly basis
  • Uniform
  • Stationary