March 12, 2016

The workshop was attended by all the elementary teachers. Our teacher training workshops are eye-opening guiding tools that will empower teachers and help them fall in love with what they do.




At H.E.L.P. Organization, we offer affordable medical treatments and health awareness programs to better stabilize and establish continued health to the women, children, and men in rural villages. Our awareness programs and affordable treatments further the knowledge and awareness to the people in the remote villages of the importance of sanitation and hygiene to properly take care of themselves, their children, and their families. We offer gender specific awareness programs as well to better administer aid to disease prevention. The research awareness programs and treatments offered bring practical, affordable, and knowledgeable ways for the women and men to better care of themselves, their children, and their families to empower them to better provide healthy and strong families for their future. Presently, there have been several serious and minor cases of diseases throughout the remote areas of Uttarakhand particularly with the women, children, grandparents, and men due to the lack of proper hygiene and the knowledge to prevent such detrimental factors. Therefore, at H.E.L.P. Organization we believe the proper instruction and knowledge of various health diseases and their prevention to better equip the women and their families to begin and maintain proper health to be better prepared for any health condition that may arise.



We will be having an upcoming Women’s Awareness Program this upcoming month discussing the importance of hygiene and women’s health to the women and girls of Sainji Village at the beginning of July. This particular program will bring awareness of the most recent research on the severity of various diseases and the necessary and practical ways to prevent such diseases to women and girls of this village. Nasreen Daliya will be introducing the women and youth to proper techniques and items for sanitation and hygiene to instruct the women in disease prevention for menstruation, dental care, hair follicle care, nail care, and women’s health. All women and girls from 11th class and on are welcome. Please join us for this program as we empower the women of the importance of health awareness and its maintenance.