March 12, 2016


1. HELPS INTERNATIONAL JORDI SCHOOL: Currently providing 6o kids a quality education and also giving hostel facilities. Providing, Unifrom, Stationary, 80% help in school syllabus books.

2. HELPS INTERNATIONAL JORDI SCHOOL HOSTEL: Currently, 25 students are enrolled in our Jordi school hostel, where we charge nominally 0 to 20% of the hostel fee, one child’s total expenses for a year are estimated 1,10,000/-

3. HELPS INTERNATIONAL SAINJI SCHOOL:  Due to low enrollment we shut down Sainji School in the month of May 2023.

4. HELPS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: Currently, We are helping 45 students who passed 8th grade from HELPS school for further study. They get every month’s tuition fee, yearly Uniforms, yearly stationery and 50% help in syllabus books yearly.

5. HELPS COMPUTER CENTER:  Through this program, we are continuously introducing village children to computer basic education, which is very helpful for remote village children, right now 70 kids are engaged with the program.

6. HELPS WOMAN EMPOWERMENT: Women’s empowerment may be defined in several ways, including accepting women’s viewpoints, trying to seek them and raising the status of women through education, awareness, literacy, and training. Our team is working hard in this area and encouraging women to join this group all over wherever we have centres. Right now we equipping all together 60 women and girls.

7. HELPS VILLAGE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM: Under this project, we adopted a village called Laddour Village where we help villagers build 3 toilets and 1 greenhouse every year.

8. HELP VARANASI CHILDREN PROJECT: We are helping 45 village children in their evening classes under this project. Unfortunately, we will close this project due to a lack of funds and a challenge to monitor from a long distance.

9.HELPS LIVSTOCK:Under this program, we help poor families or widows by providing them with some livestock that can help their families sustaining.


Update for Women’s Welfare Program

In the month of July we held two Women’s Health Awareness programs at both Sainji Village and Jordi Village. The women and girls of the villages were invited to participate in a fun learning experience where they were informed of such things as how to properly sanitize their cooking utensils to protect from the spread of bacteria and prevent diseases, as well as effective ways using simple items such as a comb, toothbrush, tooth paste, shampoo, hair oils (conditioners), and soap that can be used to maintain a healthy hygienic body. Women from all ages as well as children came and participated in the event. All the women and girls were laughing together as we mentioned simple topics, made jokes, or mentioned a few topics that may be embarrassing for some such as menstruation, menopause, and pregnancy. We had much fun as we talked with one another on the importance of taking care of our bodies and how our actions affect not only our life, but also the children, family, and people around us. Although these topics that were discussed may seem very simple, they are some of the most vital lessons in life that must be taught to ensure optimum health not only for the women but also for their friends and families as well.