March 12, 2016









Through this program we are encouraging rural children for farther education especially to the girls. Organization did very hard work to promote higher education and benefits of higher education. To encourage for higher education scholarship program started. Under this program our organization help to children for their monthly fee, uniform stationeries, extra classes etc.

H.E.L.P.S provides scholarships for students to further their study after 8th class to encourage and inspire each student to continue in their education and push past each obstacle that comes their way. These scholarships train the students in education as well as prepare them for real life situations, where they will be faced with difficulty; nevertheless, they always have the choice of persevering and pursuing something great or ending due to lack of funding or difficulty. However, we know that most children do come from homes that are not able to support their children to further their studies due to lack of funding. Therefore, we have given these children the opportunity and inspiration to endure and persevere by providing 50 scholarships each year for students. Through these scholarships the children are delighted, encouraged, and ready to persevere and endure through all life’s difficulties for the greater good of their future and their families future.