April 3, 2020



One villager died due to falling from a tree, leaving behind his wife and three daughters without any hope. They are our school’s girls. One of our support asked us last month of how he can support them. Through their generous gift, we gave this family a Cow with a calf. This Cow gives 10 kg milk every day which will be a source of income for this unfortunate family.





Aditi is a student in our Jordi school. She received a goat under Livestock program and we hope, her parents will multiply it, and get income after some time. Aditi’s Parents do not have enough fields, her parents work very hard for their survival.







We are continuously helping to needy girls with livestock, recently we gave goat to somestudents. In this family have 4 girls, recently 5th girl born, but due to some complication she died. Father earn very little. They have

handful fields. We hope they will multiply it and it will be source of income for their family after some time.