April 4, 2020


As we know that the whole world is suffering from Corona Virus, at this point of time people are dying in days by getting caught in the hands of this deadly virus. We don’t know exactly where this virus’s origin was or is is just an invention or creation of human, however, this is the time where all of us help each other.


Tehri Garhwal, in Jaunpur area ” Himalayan Educational Literacy Project Society” Mussoorie, playing a gracious role toward needy people.
Our team’s member keeping all safety and social distancing rules in mind, are visiting house to house to distribute Grocery. This is the time to come together and help those who are really needy.

HELPING HAND VNS (Varanasi) PROJECT: Our staff is continuously working hard by providing grocery to needy people, so that we can help our country to stop this deadly virus from spreading. Our aim is to prevent people to come out of their houses for their daily needs, in that way people will stay in their homes. It is a contribution of our organization to help our country, to conquer over corona virus.







Due to Covid-19 our schools are closed but still we are continuously helping and encouraging  children in different areas. We are continuously distributing the vital needs of the villagers, which are necessary for daily life.

We are providing every village child with groceries every month instead of a midday meal. HELPS is also providing Sanitizers, Masks, Vitamin-c, multi vitamin.

We are not just helping the villagers with material supplies but also intellectually we are helping them to understand the importance of Corona- Vaccine, and trying to remove myths from their minds.

Continuously our team is teaching all the rules and guidelines of the government to the villagers, just as, to wash their hands, wearing masks following the social distancing, and avoiding the unnecessary visiting.