Get Involved

March 12, 2016

What are some ways you can effectively administer help to the children, families, and communities in the state of Uttarakhand who are in need? What better way than joining us in our efforts to better our community by getting in touch with the various programs we offer such as village development in agriculture and construction, women empowerment through skill set training and awareness programs, as well as the various awareness programs we offer for disease prevention, hygiene, women’s health, and effective agricultural development and or assisting in the establishment of future programs of the like. Working as a team we can further the development of rural regions in our efforts to better the education and village development of the rural regions in Uttarakhand as well as the surrounding regions.

Please contact Manoj Daliya, Director of the Himalayan Education Literacy Project for more information on how to get involved in the education and development of the next generation of leaders!

We would be glad to welcome you as a team member of the H.E.L.P. Organization through the various volunteer programs we offer!

Please contact Manoj Daliya, Director of H.E.L.P. Organization

Tel: 0135-2631495 / 09927934040 or by email at

Thank you!