Construction of new site

December 13, 2017


We Have finished the Jordi school’s new construction of the Dormitory, library and Computer Lab just a few minor works are left and we believe that it be complete soon, but the good thing is that these facilities now are useable.




We were able to add some more space to our Jordi school site, we have added a new Dining Hall and some additional classes. Geographically it’s not very easy to build in the village because all of our supplies are only carried by mule’s or Nepali laborers from the main city. Very rarely we are able to ride motorcycles into this village, but we are very thankful to God and to HELP’s donors that made it possible for us to continue this project. Our children are very excited to see new portions of the school building. New Building of Jordi school. Mostly part of this building have completed, only 10% work left but now it is in usable.