Village Development Program

March 12, 2016

Village Development is still a constant exertion (toil) in rural areas, even with the new technologies of today because of the rugged and mountainous terrain. As a result, village development often becomes inhibited and most often repealed, due to the lack of resources that are readily available and the training needed to complete such projects. In addition, agriculture is solely dependent upon rain and therefore, makes agricultural development very difficult and harsh for farmers to harvest produce in these areas. As drought continues in Mussoorie, the way of life and profit for these farmers are affected. Thus, H.E.L.P Organization has begun developing training programs regarding the construction of greenhouses to help maintain productive farming techniques, effective construction of infrastructures for supplies and storage, construction of sanitary toilets, and providing awareness programs in sanitation for produce and disposal. Therefore, our team at H.E.L.P.S Organization is bringing awareness of effective and productive ways to maintain effective agriculture and sanitation throughout the region. We have already constructed a total of seven greenhouses and 20 toilets thus far. H.E.L.P.S Organization will continue equipping villagers with the necessary training and awareness to produce effective and sanitary resolutions to their agriculture and village development.

Rural Development: is the process of improving the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas. Rural development has traditionally centered on the exploitation of land-intensive natural resources such as agriculture and forestry. If really we visit rural area of mountains, it is very heard life for survive. Mostly area still villagers walk couples a hour to get city for their daily needs. If anyone face emergency of medical doesn’t have any chance for life. Hardly people are getting income for their families some families are depend over their agriculture, but agriculture is depend on the rain. In this kind of area are lacking of basic needs. Not proper drinking water not sanitation awareness etc. Our Organization working in this area to bringing development and helping in basic needs awareness. Helping villagers to keep clean their drinking water natural source of water and to take care of damage. Our staff are working to develop villagers in their income generating project and giving ideas and developing green houses and how to grow and what kind of crops can gives them daily







We have built 3 toilets under the project of VDP in Laddour village in this FY 23-24. Their names are Lakhi Das, Gundano and Gajendra.

We also help to the villagers to built green houses and teach them how to takecare and use it and some how it is a helpful or adding some income.